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Only Happens Once
(K. Jones/J. Ebach/R. Fisher)
DOC: 12/3/18

They say you’re more likely to be struck by lightning
But It ain’t for a lack of trying
Easy come-
But that wind keeps blowing
Guess it brought ya right here to me
Feels like I’m right where I need to be
The lucky ones
So let’s take this in slow motion
Gonna breathe every kiss, like it's all I got
Fallin' deep into you, ready or not

Cus if it only happens once
I'm Gonna love you second to none
You got my soul, I ain’t messing around this time
We might have 60 more years to go
Baby, even when we’re 80 years old
I’ll look at you and thank God for one helluva ride
It don’t always come around but when it does
It only happens once

I’ve done the breaking and I’ve been the broken
At the time I didn’t even know it
But I was on my way
Just another heart in training
Teaching me how to put you first
To mean every word, for better or worse


When all those pieces fall together
Become somebody else’s treasure
And all you can think about is getting on with forever
And even then, forever wont be enough when you realize
It only happens once