1. Photograph
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(S. Davis/J. Ebach/R. Fisher)
DOC: 11/19/18

I found it in the bottom of a beat-up cardboard shoebox
One of those things you don’t wanna look at every day
But can’t bring yourself to throw away
That scratched-up, faded polaroid sayin' a thousand words
That I never had the nerve to say cus I was young and dumb
And I knew everything
You were thinking of our future
I was thinking of myself
Your wore your heart on your sleeve
And I hung mine on a shelf, like a...

Smile on three
Makin' it seem like we were gonna last
But you loved me
And I couldn’t love you back
Let ya keep on fallin'
Shoulda let you move on
But I kept stallin'
Wish I could step inside and say you deserve better than that
But there’s no taking back a photograph

If I knew then what I know now, there’d be no heartbreak to remember
Before we ever took that picture we can’t erase-
I woulda let you go, but it’s too late
Instead it’s hiding all the hurting-
Painted happy on your face
Perfect on the surface
Sometimes the true story ain’t, in a ...


Hope you're makin' some memories
The kind you wanna save
Hope you find that happy ending
The kind you wanna hang, instead of this...