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There’s an unmistakable sense of familiarity that emanates from Ryland Fisher's single, “All You Want.”  Somewhere within the catchy power-pop hooks and growling guitars is an Americana vibe that strikes directly to a listener’s heart.  Fisher’s songwriting draws effortlessly from these different genres and his vocals are able to capture this sound just as easily.  In addition to him playing guitar and keyboards, Fisher is joined by Johnny Douglas on lead, rhythm, and bass guitars, and drummer Jim “Bo” Pallisard.  The trio does a fantastic job of nailing every note and cementing how catchy the song is and how much it rocks. 

“All You Want” immediately starts off with Fisher’s rich vocals over the top of a series of strong power chords.  He sings about being true to who he is, closing the first verse with the question, “But what becomes of fools who live a lie?”  The chorus takes off from there with Pallisard’s drumming and Douglas’ guitars picking up in intensity.  Fisher’s vocals reveal a beautifully melodic sense to them while still maintaining a degree of rock and roll grit. 

With the exception of two brief but substantive guitar solos, “All You Want” doesn’t throw out any real surprises, which is great because it doesn’t need to.  This song represents well written and well performed, straightforward rock.  Fisher mixes up the sound just enough to make it unique by taking advantage of his voice and creating that familiar Americana sound.  Additionally, it’s the sense of melody he carries that makes the chorus easy to sing along with and lends it a pop sensibility. 

Ryland Fisher's “All You Want” is a timeless piece of rock and power-pop that is as well written as it is performed.  Together with Douglas and Pallisard, he lays down a track that takes the best of different genres and stamps it with his own signature.  Here’s hoping there’s a lot more where this single came from. 

Artist: Ryland Fisher 

Single: All You Want 

Review by: Heath Andrews 

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

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